Corporate Women Directors International 2004 Report:

"Women Corporate Directors in California-Based Fortune 1000 Companies"

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Key Findings

  • 74.3% of 105 California-based Fortune 1000 companies have women directors.

  • Only 12% of corporate board seats are held by women in the 105 companies.

  • In the F500, California surpasses the national percentage of women on corporate boards:  14.3% of board seats are held by women in California based F500 companies compared to 13.6% female representation on boards nationally.

  • California-based companies ranked from 501-1000 have a much lower percentage of women on their boards:  9.2% -- a significant 5.1% drop from the F500 companies' percentage of women directors.

  • Ranking first with the most women on its board is Golden West Financial Corporation with five women directors out of nine (55.6%).  It has the highest percentage of women directors in the F1000 with more women than men on its board.

  • Ranking second is Wellpoint Health Networks, Inc. with four women out of nine board directors (44.4%).  Health care corporations are well represented in the Top Ten Companies with the highest percentage of women directors -- Wellpoint Health Networks, Inc. (2nd), McKesson Corporation (3rd), PacifiCare Health Systems, Inc. (7th), Apria Healthcare Group, Inc. (8th), and Davita, Inc (8th).

  • The California industry with the best percentage of women directors is the finance industry with 33.3% of board seats held by women.

  • Sectors that fared badly in placing women on their boards are the computer (9.9% female directors), semiconductor (4.4%) and entertainment industries (9.4%).




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