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CWDI Opens ASX in Sydney- September 10, 2014

ASX Market Open 

Over 50 women board directors and executives including Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, joined CWDI Chair Irene Natividad in opening the Australian Securities Exchange on September 10th. The event saluted the achievements of women business leaders in Australia as well as the efforts by the ASX to increase the number of women board directors in the country. The ringing of the bell was followed by a Discussion Forum on Board Diversity, with Ms. Natividad sharing CWDI research on successful strategies for increasing the number of women on corporate boards in different countries. CWDI also presented its Corporate Champion Award to ASX chair Rick Holliday-Smith for the Exchange's efforts to accelerate board diversity.



CWDI Opens Euronext in Paris - June 4, 2014
CWDI Opens Euronext in Paris

Women board directors and executives, many from leading CAC40 companies, joined Minister of Women, Cities, Youth, and Sports Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and Senator Joelle Garriaud-Maylam in opening the Euronext Stock Exchange in Paris on June 4.   The Market Open kicked off the annual Global Summit of Women, hosted by France for the first time and opening June 5th with over 1,200 women business and government leaders from 82 countries in Paris.    

Convened by Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI), the Paris Bourse Market Open marks French women’s contributions to the country’s economy and France’s progress in implementing its quota law.  “France is a model for accelerating gender diversity on company Boards of Directors,” states CWDI Chair Irene Natividad. “We applaud the advances companies have made in increasing the number of women on boards and encourage more countries to follow their lead in bringing a more diverse set of voices to the boardroom.”


CWDI Releases 2013 Report on Women Directors of Top Retail and Consumer Product Companies Globally

Women’s Buying Power Impact on Boards of Retail/Consumer Goods Companies - November 11, 2013
Board Directors of Top Retail and Consumer Product Companies Globally, 2013CWDI 2013: 18.4% women on retail boards

Are women consumers who are aggressively wooed by retailers during this holiday shopping season being invited as assiduously to the boards of companies whose success depends on women’s purchases?Yes and No. Women account for 18.4% of directors serving on the boards of the world’s largest retail and consumer products companies globally, according to the latest Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI) report on Women Board Directors of Top Retail and Consumer Products Companies Globally.

This industry percentage reflects a better record of appointing women to board directorships than the 15% women’s representation on the boards of Fortune Global 200 companies.  In addition, over a third of companies surveyed have moved beyond tokenism and have three or more women on their boards. However, the numbers are not where they need to be given women’s aggregate market impact.

The report, which covers 168 retail/consumer products companies with at least $1 billion in annual revenue from 26 different countries, offers new insight into the status of women in board rooms globally and makes a compelling argument for why the numbers matter.

For Key Findings from the 2013 CWDI Report on Women Directors of Top Retail and Consumer Product Companies Globally, please click here

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Irene Natividad USA Today
Women's buying clout needed in boardrooms: Column
So why aren't more of them on corporate boards of retail and consumer companies?

Click to read the USA Today Op-Ed by CWDI Chair Irene Natividad
(November 12, 2013)


2013 CWDI Report launch2013 CWDI Report2013 CWDI Report launch

Above: 40 corporate leaders gathered at the Harvard Club of New York on November 11, 2013, to mark the release of the report and discuss its findings.

CWDI Opens Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt - September 30, 2013

frankfurt market openIrene Natividad, Chair of Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI), was joined by top German women board directors and executives in Frankfurt on September 30 to open the Deutsche Börse. CWDI, in partnership with Egon Zehnder International, brought the group together to salute German women’s contributions to the country’s economy as well as the country’s commitment to increasing women’s access to corporate leadership.

“German women, whether they are CEOs, executives with multinational corporations, or entrepreneurs of businesses large or small, play a major role in the country’s economy,” Natividad stated. “We are pleased to bring them together to salute their achievements and to discuss what more can be done to increase the number of women in leadership positions,” she added.

For more on the Frankfurt event, the 12th Market Open organized by CWDI, please click here for a photo slideshow and press release.

frankfurt market open 2013 cwdi
Photo credit: Andre Langer, Deutsche Börse

CWDI Chair Irene Natividad rings the bell to open the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange as a kick-off to the 2013 Global Summit of Women.  Joining her are the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datin Rosmah Mansor, Bursa Malaysia Chairman Amat Berbahagia Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Haji Abdullah,  and delegates to the Global Summit of Women 2013.


Photo courtesy of the Six Swiss Exchange
CWDI Chair Irene Natividad rings the bell with 75 women business leaders in Switzerland to mark Women's History Month and the significant contributions of women business leaders in the Swiss economy. This Market Open marks the 10th major stock exchange opened by CWDI.

To see a video of the Market Open,
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Video Courtesy of Tages-Anzeiger

France has overtaken the United States’ lead role as the country with the highest percentage of women directors among the 200 largest companies in the world, according to the latest Corporate Women Directors International study of women directors.  Propelled by quota legislation passed in 2010, a quarter of directors (25.1%) in France are now women, while the percentage in the U.S. peaked at 20.9%.
CWDI 2013 Report:
Women Board Directors in the Fortune Global 200 and Beyond

The overall percentage of women board directors in the 200 largest companies globally now stands at 15% -- an increase of only 1.2% since the 2011 CWDI Report.

Click here for more key findings from the CWDI 2013 report

Irene Natividad on CNBC's "Straight Talk" with Bernie Lo during the Hong Kong Market Open

Hong Kong Market Open 2012 from Irene Natividad on Vimeo.

Video of CWDI and Global Summit of Women President, Irene Natividad, opening the Hong Kong stock exchange

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Washington, D.C.) The majority (58) of the 100 largest companies in Latin America fail to have a single woman on their Board of Directors, according to Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI), a Washington-based research group, which released its report at BOVESPA on women directors in the region’s largest companies.

To View Charts on Percentage of Women Board Directors in Latin America and Which Countries Do Best, Click Here

Latin America lags behind Europe (14%), North America (15%) and Asia (7.1%) in appointing women to corporate boards.  Women fill only 5.6% of the 1,032 board seats on the Boards of Directors of the 100 largest companies in the region.


For More Latin America Key Findings, Click Here


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Quota Strategy for Women Directors:

To see a global overview chart of countries' legislative strategies
click here

UAE: Newest country to introduce quotas!
CWDI Report Findings

Top Retail and Consumer Product Corporations Globally (2013)  Fortune Global 200 and Beyond (2013)
Latin America (2012) Banks (2012)
Global (2011) Women CEOs (2011) Accelerating Board Diversity (2010) Global (2010) Banks (2010) Japan (2009)
Impact of Female CEOs (2008) Global (2007) Healthcare (2006) Latin Trade (2005) Global (2004) California (2004)
Spain (2002) Texas (USA, 2002) South Africa (2000) Australia (1999) Canada (1998) Japan (1998)

Click on box for summary of findings

Comparative Percentages of Women Directors

Did You Know ..

..the percentage of women board directors of South African companies is higher than US companies? 

..a few Middle Eastern countries outpace some Asian economies such as Japan and South Korea in appointing women to boards of directors? 

To see a comparative percentage of women directors in 56 countries,
click here.

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