1000 Delegates Representing 95 Economies Convene

at the 2007 Global Summit of Women to Have Their Voices Heard

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Summit Outcomes
Release of Corporate Women Directors International 2007 Report on "Women Directors in the Fortune Global 200"
Release of GFK Roper "Values Survey of European Women"
Release of 2007 McKinsey Report of "Market Profile of European Women"

Launch of
Global Consortium to End Cervical Cancer

Learn more about cervical cancer and how you can be part of the effort to end it

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Recognition of Best Practices on Public-Private Partnerships

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The Global Summit of Women

Advancing Women’s and Girls’ Economic Opportunities


Vaira Vike-Freiberga

Honored Guest

Truong My Hoa
Vice President
S.R. Vietnam

The Global Summit of Women is proud to honor:

2007 Global Women’s Leadership
Award Winner

Vaira Vike Freiberga
President of Latvia

Maud Pagel, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Deutsch Telekom, Germany (left) and Summit President Irene Natividad (right) honor H.E. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President of Latvia as the winner of the 2007 Global Women's Leadership Award.

2007 German Women’s
Leadership Award Winner

Rita Suessmuth
Member of Parliament and Former President, Bundestag

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What the Press is Saying ...
BERLIN, Jun 18 (IPS) - In a powerful display of womanpower, more than a thousand businesswomen from 91 countries took part in the 17th Global Summit of Women in Berlin over the weekend. The central theme was "Global Opportunities and Challenges."     
Full Article from  Inter Press Service

A new report on the world's leading companies shows barriers still remain for women who want to advance in the corporate world.  The study released at the Global Summit of Women in Germany shows women lag well behind men when it comes to the top jobs in the world's biggest companies.  VOA's Mil Arcega reports.    
Full Article from  Voice of America

Summit President Irene Natividad (left), and The Honorable Ursula von der Leyen, German Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, welcome delegates to the 2007 Global Summit of Women during the Opening events

"This evening we are 1,000 strong from 95 countries. That makes us the G95 Women’s Economic Summit that follows the G8 Summit that had 7 men and one woman. Welcome…to this wonderful global gathering." 
- Irene Natividad

"The key for equal opportunities is education, service industry and global networks, that is why we are here today, this evening, and tomorrow. Economic development has been pushed forward by women worldwide with their initiative, and their enterprising experience. Women have made enormous progress in the past decade and we are proud of it."  - Minister Ursula Von der Leyen

Some of the 50 women government Ministers  listen intently as their peers describe successful Public/Private partnership during the Ministerial Roundtable, which preceded the 2007 Global Summit of Women.
At the Gala Awards Dinner, from left: H.E. Truong My Hoa, Vice President
S.R. Vietnam
, Summit President Ms. Irene Natividad, Philippine Ambassador to Germany Hon. Delia Domingo-Albert, Ms. Sung-Joo Kim, CEO, Sungjoo Group and MCM Inc., and H.E. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, President of Latvia.
What participants are saying...  

What an impressive conference!  Well-organized and interesting and amazing in the networking impact.  - Suzanne Black

Suzanne Black, President & Broker, First Bahamas Realty

Congratulations on a successful Summit.  I was impressed with the energy and excitement of the 1000 participants who came from different countries and walks of life!  I know that it take a high level of dedication and perseverance to organize 17 successful Summits, which  is an amazing achievement.  - Shinae Chun

Shinae Chun, Director, Women's Bureau, US Department of Labor

The organisation was perfect, the quality and diversity of all the attendees made it very rich and positive.  Thank you for also letting everyone talk and express her own situation which vary a lot according to the origin, obvious, it is not the same to be a sales manager in IBM in Madrid and be stressed sometimes by the glass ceiling and to "struggle for life" in Congo, and we certainly need to hear about that as well.  - Catherine Delaunay

Catherine Delaunay,
IBM, Spain
The Global Summit of Women, and the individuals who make it such a vibrant forum for idea exchange, do much to make the world economy a thriving, diverse marketplace by supporting the active role of women in every sector of government and business.  - Daryl Faulkner
Daryl Faulkner, CEO, Digene

This week in Berlin we came together from 95 different countries and united behind commonalities as women, businesspeople and world leaders....  I was reminded of how important it is to continue to reach out to one another.  To continue to listen, learn, and exchange experiences across borders.  - Gay Gaddis

Gay Warren Gaddis, President and CEO, T-3

It was a great pleasure to participate in this year's Global Summit and I look forward to having the opportunity to do it again in the future.  - Amparo Moraleda Martinez

Amparo Moraleda, President, IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel and Turkey

Congratulation for this wonderful Summit...  The energy of all this women and the issues, which were brought up were again deepening at least my understanding of gender diversity... Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to be part of this unique Conference.  - Ursula Schwarzenbart

Ursula Schwarzenbart, Director Global Diversity Office, Daimler Chrysler AG

Thanks so much for inviting me to the Global Summit... I enjoyed reconnecting with other friends from past summits.  I had a great time and came away inspired and energized to be the best I can be! - Ralitsa Vassileva

Ralitsa Vassileva, Anchor, CNN International

The Global Summit of Women was truly amazing.  Women leaders from business, politics and society exchanging views, connecting and working towards a better world: congratulations to you and your team for making this happen!  Mirella Visser

Mirella Visser, Supervisory Board Royal Swets & Zeitlinger and CEO Centre for Inclusive Leadership

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