China The Host of the 2010 Global Summit of Women

A Vibrant Economy

China, the fastest-growing major economy for the past 30 years with an average annual GDP growth rate above 10%, is the world’s third largest economy.  Its per capita income has grown at an average annual rate of more than 8%, drastically reducing poverty in a very large country.  Despite recent crises such as the devastating earthquake jolting Sichuan Province in May 2008 and the effects of the current global recession, China has maintained steady economic and social development.

The image of a vibrant economy forging forward into the twenty-first century was amply projected by Beijing's successful hosting of the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  That same dynamism will make itself apparent in the Shanghai World Expo from May through October 2010.   China also looks to the future with new breakthroughs in scientific and technological fields, including the launch of the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft as well as research into new energy sources.  Employment and social development programs continue to progress, as well as efforts in energy conservation and environmental protection.

Bird Nest, Olympic Center

Rural Women Travelers in Beijing

“Half the Sky”

            A major force behind China’s growth in the global market is its women.  Chinese women actively participate in every aspect of public life – from sports to government at every level to all aspects of the market economy -- with a sense of self-reliance and self-improvement. Women are indeed “half the sky” in the promotion of economic development and social progress in the country.

Currently, Chinese women comprise almost half of the labor force (45.4%) and growing. Rural women make up 65% of those working in agricultural production. The percentage of women in various trades requiring higher technical skills and intensified knowledge is also rising dramatically, as evidenced by the increasing number of women working in hi-tech industries, such as computer science, software, telecommunication and finance. In fields such as education, culture, arts, media, healthcare, and sports, women have become the majority. A great many confident and ambitious women are among China’s entrepreneurs, who now make 21% of all entrepreneurs in the country.  In this year’s Forbes listing of the top women in business globally, six came from China.

BeijingCapital City and Site of the 2010 Global Summit of Women

Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China and the site of the 2010 Global Summit of Women, is the center of the nation's politics, culture, education and international exchanges.  It combines a world-renowned cultural heritage with a modern metropolis full of vitality. With the growth that came with the new market economy, Beijing has changed dramatically, complete with a modern skyline and infrastructure that link it to the world and to other parts of China.

The city’s long history has left numerous well-known cultural sites which project a complex and rich past -- the site of Peking Man at Zhoukoudian, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs and the Great Wall -- all on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. These reminders of an ancient culture are now joined by spectacular new architecture such as the CCTV Tower, the new Center for the Performing Arts, the ‘Bird Nest’ arena and other Olympic venues designed by the some of the world’s greatest architects.  The Global Summit of Women is pleased to hold its 20th anniversary gathering of women leaders in this great city.

Great Wall

                           Beihai Park              Temple of Heaven
                           Great Wall                Imperial Palace
                         CCTV Building               National Grand Theater
                  Olympic Birds Nest                 Downtown Beijing

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