Global Summit of Women Supports Greece During Difficult Time at 2012 Summit 

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What Do World's Top Women Execs Think of Greece?

By on June 1, 2012
ATHENS – With nearly 1,000 female business executives converging here for the Global Summit of Women 2012, most of the talk was about opportunities for their companies, schmoozing with each other to broaden networks, and how to expand outreach to other countries, including Greece, but many said they found a little time to visit the city and other parts of the country nearby and said it differed markedly from their expectations that they would find riots and destitution.

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Women’s Summit Hears Ways Out of ‘Scary’ Crisis

By on June 1, 2012
ATHENS – Despite a crushing economic crisis, runaway debt, a deep recession with 21.7 percent unemployment, the closing of 1,000 stores a week, a labyrinthine bureaucracy, one of the highest levels of corruption and lowest levels of competitiveness in the world, and political uncertainty ahead of critical June 17 elections that could determine whether Greece leaves the Eurozone, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses and foreign investors. That’s what an audience heard at the 2012 Global Summit of Women, bringing together top female executives from scores of countries.
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Athens, Greece
31 - JUNE 2, 2012

Women Entrepreneurs, Business and Government Leaders Descend on Athens for 2012 Summit

Denise Evans, IBM's Vice President for Market Development, moderates discussion with women entrepreneurs in high-growth sectors with Nelly Katsou, Managing Director, Pharmathen (Greece);  Norma Rosenhain, CEO, Creata (Hong Kong SAR); and Noraini Soltan, Managing Director, Sipro Plastics (Malaysia)

Global Summit of Women Salutes
Roza Otunbayeva

Former President of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva receives the 2012 Global Women's Leadership Award from Summit President Irene Natividad in Athens.

"Roza Otunbayeva's achievements are an example of the type of leadership which women bring, knowing when to relinguish power rather than holding on which men are wont to do," Summit President Irene Natividad.

From President Otunbayeva's Acceptance Speech:
It is clear, that in the twenty first century, we can all, at last, agree - there is no place for abusive one man or one family dictatorships who steal the future from their nations and deny their citizens basic rights.

Our thoughts today are with the people of Syria who are brutalized by the family regime that hasn’t had enough even after more then 40 years of unlimited power.  We call on the Assad’s to go and let the Syrian people seek a better life on its own. ...

Never before has the need for leadership in the world been as acute and intense as it is today.

I call upon you to make your voice heard, educate and persuade people around you, generate new ideas and show way to the future.

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A Diverse Audience of Delegates from 70 Countries

Summit President Irene Natividad, Vice President of Vietnam Nguyen Thi Doan, CNN International News Anchor Ralitsa Vassileva; Chair and Chief Visionary Officer of Sungjoo Group and MCM Holdings Sung Joo Kim; and General Manager of LAConsulting (Tunisia) Leila Aouichri await the start of the Opening Ceremony

Some of the 70-member Malaysian delegation at the Opening Ceremony

Former CEO of Rio Tinto Alcan DIck Evans (left) moderates Luncheon Session on "Engaging Men in Diversity Initiatives" with CEO of Booz, Inc Shumeet Banerji; CEO of Hyrax Oil (Malaysia) Hamizah Zainuddin; Boston Consulting Group Senior Partner Pia Tischhauser; and CEO of Storebrand ASA (Norway) Idar Kreutzer

The delegation from Spain sings at the Global Women's Leadership Awards Gala Dinner

At the Summit's Ministerial Roundtable on Public/Private Partnerships Advancing Women's and Girls' Economic Opportunities, (from left) Canadian Senator Pana Merchant; Greece's Secretary-General for Gender Equality Maria Stratigaki; Greece's Former Minister of Development Anna Diamantopoulou; Vice Chair of China's All-China Women's Federation Zhen Yan; and Minister of Economy for Aruba Michelle Hooeyboer-Winklaar.

Pamela Teagarden, founder of the Soluna Institute (USA), poses a question during Plenary Session on Global Megatrends

Some of the delegation from Daimler AG listen to panelists at "Engaging Men in Diversity Initiatives" Plenary Session.


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What Was Presented - MEGATRENDS
 See the Presentation on
Global Megatrends

Michael Halbye
Regional Leader, Europe, Middle  East & Africa, McKinsey & Co.


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What Participants are Saying
The quality of participants, topics, sharing and networking has been very inspiring and energising for me.
What I value the most, is that all the work, time, talent and energy dedicated to this event is not only about developing the leadership of women, but also to leverage this women leadership for a better world.
Muriel Penicaud, Executive Vice President, Danone (France)


t is a life experience I will never forget. I met so many interesting and wonderful women, I found new friends, I shared ideas and experiences that gave me hope and I left the congress richer as a person and inspired! Can't wait till the next summit in Malaysia! 
- Maria Vlachou, Managing Director, Fereikos HELIX (Greece) 


The idea of hope and working together for betterment especially during crisis, strategy of moving ahead our business using IT as one of the powerful marketing tools and international contacts was what I achieved during the summit
- Suzanna Shaharri, Managing Director, Innopeak (Malaysia)


I came back with fire in my heart to help women achieve their goals.
Jocelyne Lafreniere, Partner, KPMG LLP (Canada)


The energy was a real booster!
Nadia Lahoul, Editor, (France)


What a wonderful and inspiring experience!  I can only imagine the organisation, work and creativity that goes into such a large event, let alone one that involves hosting dignitaries and large delegations as the Global Summit of Women does.

It was both an honour and a privilege to be invited to speak at this incredible event, and to meet and listen to such amazing, successful and accomplished women from all over the world, yourself included.  I have learnt so much and am still digesting all of the information and ideas presented by the Keynote speakers and other Breakout Session panellists.
Mary Louise Angoujard, Co-Founder, Rapporta Ltd (UK)


The audience at Plenary Sessions

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Daimler Head of Global Diversity and Performance and Personnel Management Ursula Schwarzenbart welcomes Delegates to featured Luncheon Program.

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